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Keep Notes

The journal my daughter bought me is now my lifeline.

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My Planting Plan

A quick sketch and a few notes is all you need.


help your children to plan their garden

My Lady's Planting Plan

Even my daughter makes a plan - usually months in advance.



When I first started to grow vegetables I learnt through trial and error. Each season I would try a new planting plan and see what happened, I’m not someone who reads the book and follows instructions (much to my husband’s frustration).

Planting Plan
I would suggest always make a plan for the year: Draw a quick sketch, nothing fancy it’s just so that the next year you can review what crop went where, if there is something I have learnt it's crop rotation.  It does make a difference to the harvest crop.

My daughter bought me a fantastic Gardeners journal last year which has now become my "lifeline”, everytime I read anything that gives me tips I jot it down. I'd strongly recommend listening to all the gardening tips you can.

Crop rotation is cut into 3 or 4 groups:
The root vegetable (carrots, onions ,parsnips, beetroot, leeks, garlic)
The brasserie family (cabbage, sprout ,broccoli, cauliflower, kale, turnips)
The Potatoes and

Each season, the rule of thumb is……”where brasseries were last year plant root vegetables, where potatoes  were last year plant brasserie. The brasserie family add much needed nutrients to the ground which had been striped the year before. I tend to remember it …… “What grew down in the soil one year – plant veggies that grow up the next!” It’s simple, but crop rotation can be a bit of a headache and as I’m sure that I gave birth to my brain when I had my daughter – “simple works!”

Think where the sun rises and sets.
This will have a big impact on your plants' growth. You don't want full sun all day, the soil will dry out leaving your veg. limp or even scorched. Though too little sun and you will end up with leggy plants, and a low yield, desperately searching for the heat of the sun. My plot tends to be in dappled shade early morning, therefore keeping the soil's moisture from the watering the night before. Then full sun until about 3pm. This gives the soil time to retain the heat of the day, soaking up the sun's goodness, before a water in the evening. Don't water veg. during the heat of the day, the water will sit on the plants and scald the veg.

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Think of the Sun

keep a sunny vegetable plot

Think where the sun rises and sets. This will have a big impact on your plants' growth.