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make gardening a family time

Family Time

Its really a family time for sowing and planting our veg but there's always a cuddle-stop.

not an electrical toy in sight

My little lady's seedlings

My daughter sowing purple carrot seeds - a new one for us this year.

children love their kitchen garden

Hi Ho!

We all get stuck in - even with the heavy work.

preparing the soil to plant their vegetables

My little ones

My little ones preparing their patch before planting their seedlings.


Having married into A D Landscapes Ltd, based in Sevenoaks - Kent, I have always dreamed of indulging in my love of “The Kitchen Garden”. We are fortunate to live in a very rural area which has allowed my dreams to come true.  As a busy working mum of 2 I find “a little relaxation” is in order and my perfect day off is gardening. Not only am I relaxing, but enjoying quality time with my children whilst we all keep fit.  I am not a lover of the gym and so find nothing more therapeutic than digging over a bed, whilst knowing that I am keeping in shape.

My daughter has just been lucky to inherit a bit of land from us that she now dutifully tends and is very proud of her planting plan. She loves nothing more than coming home from a hard day at Grammar school, asking me “what is for supper?” then, going out to pick her chosen vegetable compliment. Yes, we are called “The Good Life of Noah’s Ark”. It's also a good way to build on that mother-daughter bond. I find she is genuinely interested with no gadget distractions. Hopefully my horticultural input will be passed on to influence her own family in years to come.

What I love about having my own Vegetable Plot in my back garden is that we all get stuck in digging away then sowing, from my son of now 3 to my daughter of 11. Yes, they may “flit off” for a while and play but we are together and in a healthy and safe environment. Though I must say when harvesting time comes they seem to “flit off” less seldom!!!!  My husband and I still have a vivid image of our son sitting on our greenhouse floor, face stuffed with Cherry Tomatoes – he raided the lot over the summer, not one made the Dining table! But could we be angry? How lovely it is that my children love and understand Vegetables.

Now I grow in substantial bays, in our garden, knowing that I will be feeding my brood is so satisfying, even with the inevitable “Season’s disaster” there is still ample to harvest to the table.

Many thanks


little seeds map

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Our Vegetable Patch

luscious vegetable patch

The Good Life of Noah's Ark

every child loves soft fruit - strawberries


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